Water Drinking is an Essential Energetic Survival Tool

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You have probably heard somewhere that our physical bodies are made up of between 45% and 75% water depending on our age and weight. That is a substantial percentage of our physical body that is made up of water!

You have probably also heard that the average human being could survive between 3 and 7 days without water. Therefore, we know that we need to drink water for our physical bodies to stay alive.

Drinking water also contributes to our mental survival. Besides the fact that we can’t mentally process anything if we are dead, drinking water can contribute to our mental processes by easing dehydration and providing a natural calming effect. In addition, drinking water is an effective way to counter anxiety in stressful situations.

Photo credit: Henri Meilhac

Spiritually, water is associated with healing, inner peace, purification, and spiritual wellness. Water is a symbol of life as it reflects our very selves as ever-changing beings. Water can rage or flow calmly. It can cleanse us inside and out, physically, mentally, and spiritually. As we do everything with intent, we also drink water with intent.

Our intention when drinking water may be to satisfy our physical body’s needs, calm our mental body, or spiritually cleanse our very souls. However we look at the water, we can understand that drinking water is imperative to our survival and is indubitable to be added to our energetic survival toolbox.

Now that you can appreciate the necessity of drinking water, you have the third tool in your energetic survival tool kit. When you begin your essential energetic survival four-week start-up journal, you will start by experiencing intentionally drinking a glass of water a minimum of once a day for a week and end the journey enjoying drinking a glass of water at a minimum of four times a day. At the end of the four weeks, the intention of drinking safe water will be second nature to you and at your disposal whenever and wherever you need it.

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