The Top Five Intuitive Tools

Starting with the popular and most effective tool GCP (Ground, Clear, Protect), this free intuitive course provides you with five amazing intuitive tools you can use to dig deeper along your spiritual path and crack open those doors to intuitive communication right now.

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Through years of teaching students to access and harness their own personal intuition, Isabeau has compiled some of the most effective tools in balancing and enhancing an individual’s spiritual path. Five of the most foundational cornerstones of spiritual development are offered to you here, for free. 

This stand-alone course is packed full of tools and concepts you can implement immediately. It also gives you a taste of Isabeau’s teaching style and delivery. Jump on in and enjoy!

This free course contains five spiritual tools that will:

* Jumpstart you on your intuitive journey

* Balance the energies within and around you

* Help you understand how intuition flows 

Photo Credit: Steve Halama

* Bring clarity to what may be blocking your own intuition 

Dive in and enjoy! 

Get more information and register for The Top Five Intuitive Tools here

Top Five Intuitive Tools Curriculum

  • GCP ~ The #1 Balancing Tool for Intuitives
  • Guide Communication Made Simple
  • Five Minute Faith Practice
  • Decluttering to Raise Your Vibration
  • Detached Information to Increase Accuracy

** Subtitles are available for the deaf and hard-of-hearing **