The SAGE Method 7-Week Intuitive Master Course

Many intuitive development classes only offer you techniques. This course teaches you technique and shows you how to clear what is blocking your intuition. It is one thing to practice intuitive exercises and achieve moments of accuracy here and there. However, it is another way to give your intuition a clear, strong vessel to deliver messages quickly. With this process, your intuitive accuracy levels will soar.

Photo Credit: Jen Theodore

Fully opening up your intuition is not as simple as playing with psychic reader cards or doing readings and hoping that, with time, your intuition improves. Pop culture will tell you intuition is a muscle that gets stronger with practice. Unfortunately, this is only partially true. If you don’t have a strong foundation, if you don’t understand how intuition flows, and if you don’t discover and deal with your blocks, you can only open up so far. To advance and witness your intuition at its best, you need to clear out what is blocking it. This is what sets apart The SAGE Method from other intuitive development courses.

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Here’s what is covered over the 7 weeks:

Week 1 – Reclaiming Your Focus – Accessing strong intuition happens when we are positioned correctly in our lives and solidly on our spiritual path. To achieve this, we need to gain awareness of where we are right now, readjust where needed, and step into the flow.

Week 2 – Core vs. Culture – To be able to see intuitively begins with being able to see clearly our daily interactions. Clarity in life comes through curiosity, so let’s get curious!

Week 3 – Negativity and Perspective – Our thoughts create the universe around us and create the self. We will detach, evaluate, and restructure our thought process to crack open to the spiritual mind and step fresh into a new state of awareness full of endless possibilities!

Week 4 – Organization – Clutter in your mind and your energetic space create obstacle courses for your intuition. Life and intuition are always easier when there is a straight road to follow.

Week 5 – Guides and Manifesting – You are not meant to walk this world alone. Guides are, and always have been, beside you, working for your highest good. This week you will join your team and take an active role with them in your growth and learning.

Week 6 – How Everything Works – To use intuition effectively, it is vital to understand where it comes from, how it connects, and the motivation behind intuitive messages. Deepen your understanding and expand your knowledge.

Week 7 – Stepping Into the Flow – With fun and engaging experiments you will graduate from this class knowing where on the psychic-mediumship spectrum you fall, and the perfect way to hold yourself to allow your intuition to flow at its strongest.

What the course includes:

  • 52 Training Videos Delivered to You Over Seven Weeks: A new module is delivered every week for seven weeks with lifetime access allowing you to watch the videos and revisit lessons after the course has ended on your own time.
  • Weekly Workbook & Homework: Workbooks and homework that follow along with the videos to help you integrate the lessons and practices you learn each week. We offer support and check-ins for all the workbooks ensuring no one gets stuck.
  • A Private Forum and Social Club: Students of The SAGE Method have access to an amazing forum and social club area where they can connect with other students, get their pressing questions answered, and learn even more from the development happening all around them. Moderated by SAGE Team member Stacy, your questions about the course will get answered in a safe and loving environment.
  • Discovery Meditation Audios: A hybrid of guided and passive meditation, Discovery Meditation is a practice specifically designed to help you differentiate between imagination and intuition.
  • Option to become a SAGE Certified Practitioner: At the end our 7 amazing weeks together, if you are still hungry for more spiritual teachings, knowledge, and experience, there are advanced courses only available to the graduates of The SAGE Method!

The SAGE Method course with one year in the SAGE Circle is currently only $507.