The SAGE Method

Every once in a while, as we are meandering our way through life, we come across something that triggers a series of events that result in life-changing circumstances. That is what happened to me when I stumbled across The SAGE Method somewhere along my road to self-discovery and awareness.

Because my experiences with The SAGE Method have been so incredibly life-changing for me, I don’t want to keep it a secret! So instead, I want to share it with everyone. Not just because I am an affiliate of The SAGE Method and may receive compensation for enrollment by anyone signing up for some of the exciting courses offered by The SAGE Method through my website, blog, and social media accounts but because I want everyone to have the opportunity to share in the experiences involved with intuition development and the entire SAGE Method social world.

In addition to studying directly with Isabeau Maxwell, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people! The SAGE Method social circle is welcoming and open to sharing experiences and expertise. In addition, someone is always available to chat with about all things intuition-related.

When you sign up for S.A.G.E. Method courses through my website you contribute to Otherworldly Confidential by taking advantage of our Affiliate relationship with The S.A.G.E. Method. If you would like to bypass our links you can go directly to The S.A.G.E. Method here:

Meet Beau

Isabeau Maxwell is one of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development; Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to spirituality. She has been helping people connect to their authentic, natural, intuitive abilities for over 15 years.

Isabeau is an internationally known medium, author, and teacher, who has touched people’s lives throughout the world. Known for her compassion and accuracy, Isabeau brings peace and comfort to many through her energy work, transformative sessions, and teachings.

Isabeau is the founder of The SAGE Method, a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuitive abilities and live an authentic, blissful life. She is also the creator of The SAGE Circle, Discovery Meditation, and the author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium.

With a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University with a major in mathematics and a minor in chemistry, Isabeau maintains a balanced perspective between this world and the next. Down-to-earth and easy to connect with, Isabeau offers a safe space for students and clients to process the intuitive information they access.