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Protection. What does that mean? Protection from who? Protection from what? Why do I need protection? When do I need it? Where do I need it? How much protection do I need? 

Having been a police officer for over nine years, having been in the U.S. Army, and then working in Afghanistan with the Department of Defense and then again with a U.S. Aide project, my perception of protection may be a bit more dramatic than the everyday person’s. Protection for me primarily regards physical safety. Protection means anything that will keep me from getting my ass kicked by a shoplifter trying to steal a $19.99 watch from Walmart, not getting shot or stabbed during a traffic stop, or getting blown up by an IED or some other explosive device or weapon. It means taking precautions from getting ambushed or kidnapped.

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In these cases, protection is the preservation of one’s physical being. Protection is needed from any other being or situation that may cause harm to one’s physical being. Physical protection is required to keep our physical bodies from being hindered. We need to keep our physical bodies protected all the time, every day, every hour, every minute wherever we are, and we need enough to keep our physical bodies alive and functioning effectively. 

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It is not only our physical body that needs protection. Our mental body needs to be protected as well. We need to protect ourselves mentally from the effects of mental illness, mental abuse, psychological attacks, negative drama, unresolved grief, anxiety, depression, and anything else that causes deficits in our mental wellbeing.

As a survivor of negative childhood mental drama, domestic violence, bullying in the workplace, verbal abuse in the workplace, passive-aggressive mental attacks, anxiety, panic attacks, and an unfortunate bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I have needed to employ many different types of mental protection throughout my life. I would venture to say that everyone has required some mental protection to keep their mental body safe at one point.

We need to protect ourselves mentally from anyone or any situation that may cause us to falter mentally enough to disrupt our lives. We need to employ mental protection tools and techniques to keep ourselves mentally prepared to function and excel in life. We need this protection all the time, every day, every hour, every minute, wherever we are. 

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In addition to protecting ourselves physically and mentally, we also need to protect our spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual well-being is our ability to experience and integrate meaning into our lives. It is about our search for deeper meaning in life and connectedness to others, the world around us, and the Universe. Is or a sense of well-being and purpose. 

We need to protect ourselves spiritually from anyone or anything that may inhibit our ability to pursue our spiritual well-being. We need to preserve our spiritual well-being from continuing our search for meaning and purpose in our life and connectedness with others, the world, and the Universe. We need this protection all the time, every day, every hour, every minute, wherever we are.

So how do we protect ourselves in all these vulnerable senses? Regarding the Ground, Clear & Protect (GCP) method of protecting our energetic personal spaces, the protection aspect is done in a visualization exercise.

To be effective, the visualization you choose must be personal to and for you. Everyone gets to find a protection visualization that works best for them. We won’t all have the same one. You may end up having more than one, and that is perfectly acceptable.

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Whichever protection visualization you come up with for yourself will be when positive, protective energy surrounds and encases you in love and compassion while providing you with the peace of mind and confidence to manage whichever situation you find yourself in. Visualization will not protect you from a physical attack but may protect you mentally enough to enable the calmness you need to deal with the threat more effectively.

For example, imagine yourself standing in a beautiful open field. The air is warm with a slight breeze. You look up toward the sky, and a  magical white light descends upon you, surrounding you from head to toe in its loving light. The light wraps around you like a giant ribbon pulling you safely into its folds. Imagine this cocoon of love and light creating a barrier around you, protecting you, and not permitting any negative energy that is not meant for you from entering your energetic space. Now set your intention in place by saying something that will let the Universe know that you understand this protective light will keep your energetic bodies safe from any negative energies not meant for you and that these negative energies not meant for you will be sent back out into the world with love where they will be transformed into positive energy and sent out into the Universe to work for the highest good. Carry this energetic protection with you for the rest of the day.

Protecting our energetic space is pretty simple, really, and Isabeau Maxwell has described an easy-to-remember and easy-to-use method for keeping our energetic field safe. She calls it Ground, Clear, Protect, or GCP.  In this blog entry, we explored the Protection aspect of GCP.

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The first step to protecting our energetic field using this GCP method is Grounding. Grounding is when we anchor ourselves to the Earth. The second step, Clearing, is removing negative energy that is not meant for us from our energetic personal space, and the third step is Protection.

If you would like to listen to Beau describe GCP, you can do so by following this link: and clicking on the Free online courses where you will see a tab for Spiritual Protection Practice (GCP).

Please note: While the GCP course is free, I have signed up to be an affiliate for the Sage Method and will receive monetary benefits from the enrollment of anyone who follows links from my site to any of the other excellent SAGE Method courses.

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