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In the United States, back in the ’70s, while at public school, and in the sixth grade, there came a much-anticipated day when the female teachers took the girls off to a classroom, and the male teachers took the boys off to the gym. In these segregated spaces, we girls learned ‘the facts of life,’ including how to use a sanitary pad, belt correctly, and the boys to learn well; I still don’t know what they learned. They certainly didn’t need to know how to effectively use a sanitary pad though in retrospect, maybe it would have been helpful to both genders if they had learned a bit about sanitary pads.

Anyway, my point is we were all taken aside and taught how to manage some of the challenges we may face as we experience this human incarnation. While growing up, we are also taught that when it’s snowing, wear a winter coat when it is raining, wear a raincoat, and wear a windbreaker on a windy spring day.

We were taught not to talk to strangers, not to ride in cars with strangers. If we get separated from the group, stay in one place and wait to be found, don’t use drugs, or you may think you can fly. Remember those after-school specials?

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We were taught how to protect ourselves from the multitude of dangers we may encounter, but we were never taught how to protect our personal energy.

The world, including us humans, is made up of energy in all of its glorious manifestations. The science of Quantum physics has shown time and time again that everything is energy, and we each have our unique energy signature. We are made up of energy constantly spinning, vibrating, and radiating.

Our energy is us, is within us, and extends outside of us. That is right. We have a forcefield. Our energy sometimes hovers close to our physical bodies but is quite capable of extending out two or three feet. Like other forms of energy, our energy can be positive and negative, and sometimes other people’s energy can get into our energetic personal space. Unlike the correct application of sanitary pads to prevent leakage and coats from protecting us from the weather, we were never pulled aside and taught how to protect our energy.

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This oversite has probable lead to more challenges than benefits. Not protecting our energy affects all three of our bodies, our physical body, our mental body, and our spiritual body. Suppose our energy current is being influenced by another person’s negative energy, which can manifest in many ways, including being mean, gossiping, or belittling others. In that case, we may feel tired, nauseous, or some other physical aliment. Mentally we may feel agitated or angry or sad. And spiritually, we may feel defeated, alone, or separated, for example. There is a positive side, of course. If other people’s positive energy infiltrates our energy field, we may enjoy a lift in our energy physically, mentally, and spiritually.

How exactly do we protect our energetic field? There are many ways to protect our energetic fields, for instance, Grounding, Earthing, meditation, clearing, light protection, and so many more. With all these ways to protect our energetic fields, it is easy to get confused about what to do, and we may end up not doing anything at all. 

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This is the part where I may sound like an infomercial but stay with me. This method seriously works!

In the interest of effective simplicity, I would like to share an easy visualization exercise that may help you clear negativity from your energetic field and protect it from any negativity that is not meant for you. What I mean by not meant for you is that we all have some negativity that we are meant to experience. This is all fine and well, but we don’t want to deal with negative energy that is not meant for us in addition to our thank you very much.

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Isabeau Maxwell has described an easy-to-remember and easy-to-use method for keeping our energetic field safe. She calls it Ground, Clear, Protect, or GCP.  In this blog entry, we are going to dive into the Grounding aspect of GCP.

The first step to protecting our energetic field using this GCP method is Grounding. Think about a grounding rod. A grounding rod is stuck into the Earth to direct energy into the ground instead of, say, up to your copper pipes and into your house. The first part of Grounding is anchoring yourself to the ground, the Earth.

Remember, this is a visualization exercise, and you have to find a visual that works for you. Whatever you come up with is perfectly fine so long as it works for you. The main thing is that you somehow imagine your physical body being strongly attached to the Earth. Some examples of visualizations for connecting to the Earth are; visualizing roots extending out of the bottom of your feet and moving deeper and deeper into the Earth, going through all the many layers until the roots finally reach the very center of the Earth and wrap around and around the Earth’s core holding you safe and secure, or maybe stakes protruding from your feet or like me spider webs that begin at the top of my head and move through my body, out my feet and to the Earths center where they wrap around the molting core holding me safe and secure. 

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Whatever you imagine/visualize, the intent is to be connected to the Earth in a strong way, grounded, so you can move on to the next step, which is Clearing. Remember Ground, Clear, Protect. Next blog, we will look into the Clearing aspect of GCP.

In the meantime, if you would like to listen to Beau describe GCP, you can do so by following this link: and clicking on the Free online courses where you will see a tab for Spiritual Protection Practice (GCP).


Please note: While the GCP course is free, I have signed up to be an affiliate for the Sage Method and will receive monetary benefits from the enrollment of anyone who follows links from my site to any of the other excellent SAGE Method courses.

Where to go from here for more information about grounding?

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