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What do you think of when you think of Clearing? When I hear the word Clearing, the first thing that comes to mind is a pasture surrounded by trees. Maybe there is a little stream meandering its way through the clearing. My mother would think of clearing as an after-supper activity as in “Go clear the table!” A sailor may think in terms of clearing the deck. There are a lot of meanings and implications to be made by the word clearing.
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Regarding energy clearing, we think about clearing as removing negative energy that is not meant for us. We have to add the caveat of ‘not meant for us’ to clarify that we understand that there is some negative energy that we are supposed to feel. Unfortunately, our human experience can’t be all unicorns and rainbows. Experiencing some negativity is a part of our gathering of human experiences during this incarnation. Though it may seem as though it would be nice to go through life without negativity, there are certainly positive aspects to the negativity that are beneficial, and we wouldn’t want to miss out on those. We don’t, however, want or need to experience anyone else’s negativity.

Protecting our energetic space is pretty simple, really, and Isabeau Maxwell has described an easy-to-remember and easy-to-use method for keeping our energetic field safe. She calls it Ground, Clear, Protect, or GCP.  In this blog entry, we are going to dive into the Clear aspect of GCP.

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The first step to protecting our energetic field using this GCP method is Grounding. Grounding is anchoring ourselves to the ground, the Earth.

The second step, Clearing, is removing negative energy that is not meant for us from our energetic personal space.

Clearing our energetic space is a visualization exercise. The practice needs to be effective in that you choose a visualization that is personal to and for you. Everyone gets to find a clearing visualization that works best for them. We won’t all have the same one. You may end up having more than one, and that is perfectly acceptable.

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Whichever clearing visualization you come up with for yourself will be one during which any negative energy that is not meant for you is removed and cleared from your energetic personal space. For example, imagine yourself standing under a waterfall. As the water falls on you, negative energy is cleared away by the falling water, or maybe imagine yourself standing in an open field, and the wind is blowing through you, sweeping away negative energy; whichever visualization that you chose for your clearing exercise will somehow clear any negative energy out of and away from you.

Simply clearing the negative energy out of your energetic space is not the end of the Clearing exercise. As responsible, energetic stewards, we have another responsibility.

Once the negative energy is out of your space, it has to go somewhere. Our responsibility is to direct it back into the Universe with loving intent. Because one of our goals as energetic, Universal beings is to do our bit to help make the Universe, including this Earth, better places, our intention during the Clearing exercise is to send any negative energy back to the Universe with love where it can be transformed into positive energy and work for the higher good of all. All you have to do is add an extra visualization intention of the negative energy that is cleared being transformed into positive energy and spreading around the Universe.

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Just as in any visualization exercise, this part of Clearing can be any visualization that works for you. You may imagine the negative energy being cleared from you, transforming into butterflies and fluttering off to spread their positive energy around the Universe. Or, you may imagine any negativity not meant for you being cleared out of your energetic personal space and turning into flowers and the petals floating off into the Universe. There are no bounds with visualizations, except they have to work for you.

Whatever you imagine/visualize, the intent is to clear any negative energy not meant for you so you can move on to following the next step in GCP, which is Protecting. Remember Ground, Clear, Protect.

In the next A Crones Way blog, we will look into the Protecting aspect of GCP.

In the meantime, if you would like to listen to Beau describe GCP, you can do so by following this link: and clicking on the Free online courses where you will see a tab for Spiritual Protection Practice (GCP).


Please note: While the GCP course is free, I have signed up to be an affiliate for the Sage Method and will receive monetary benefits from the enrollment of anyone who follows links from my site to any of the other excellent SAGE Method courses.

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