Of Intrigue and Mystery

Photo credit: Aymeric Lamblin

What does it mean to add a little intrigue and mystery to one’s life? Is that even the first question we need to ask to add a little intrigue and mystery to our own? What is intrigue? What is a mystery? Why are they important additions to our lives if they even are? 

My interest in intrigue is placed solely in the use of the word as a verb in which intrigue is meant as something to raise the interest desire or curiosity of oneself or another(s). I have no interest in the other possible meanings which include lies, deceit, secrets, or schemes. Is there not to be found in real-life lies, deceit, and secrets enough? The reality of life is so much more interesting of and in itself than to require the addition of such negative energy.

The mere thought of intrigue or mystery gets my heart beating, my interest and curiosity peaked. Questions begin to spin around my mind weaving a web of emotions. My attention becomes focused, eyes open then squint in search of any and every minuscule clue. All of my senses go on alert. What do I see? What do I hear? What do I smell? What do I feel? What can I touch? Where is my proprioception?  I will even invoke my sixth sense to see what I can know. 

Intrigue and mystery bring a sense of thrill, invoke our imaginations, and also allow us insight for identifying and solving the challenges we face. Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher, and theologian himself maintained that life is not a problem to be ‘solved’, rather a ‘mystery to be lived’.

Onward we the collective go.

Led forward by one we know.

This who that we endorse,

Ah, that is the mystery of course!



Photo credit: Johannes Plenio
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I am a complementary therapist and intuitive medium living in the United States.

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