Living a Life of Gratitude as an Essential Energetic Survival Tool

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Living our life in gratitude means acknowledging the positive impact of anything that has a positive effect on our lives. We can be thankful for positive things that happen. However, we can also be grateful for the negative things if we can recognize anything that came out of the situation that benefited us somehow, be it our physical body, mental body, or spiritual body.

Living in gratitude has been added to your energetic survival toolbox because of the multitude of ways doing so benefits us, especially in survival situations and in all three of our bodies: our physical body, mental body, and spiritual body.

For example, the Greater Good Science Center revealed in their paper “The Science of Gratitude (2010) that when we live in gratitude, we may find ourselves in better physical health, getting better sleep, feeling less fatigue, having lower levels of cellular inflammation, and more resiliency in general.

Living in gratitude does not just help our physical body, but it also supports our mental body. When we live in gratitude, we may find ourselves experiencing increased happiness and more positive moods. We may also see ourselves being less materialistic. Living in gratitude also encourages us to have more patience, more humility, and more wisdom.

Spiritually, those living in gratitude may experience more satisfaction with life and find themselves celebrating the present moment, whatever it may be. In addition, when we recognize the positives in challenging situations, we may feel our spirits lift with each acknowledgment. Some ways we live in gratitude are gratitude journaling, writing thank you letters, and helping others. As a tool in your soul survival tool kit, you will experience the benefits of creating gratitude lists. Creating gratitude lists does not just help us improve our lives in the long run and helps us in survival situations.

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In survival situations, when we need to get into a calm mindset and remain there, it can sometimes help us to begin making a mental gratitude list. But, unfortunately, the situation may be so out of control that the only things you can think of to be grateful for are simple, basic seeming things that you see or feel right in front of you.

For instance, you may only be grateful that you can breathe, which is perfectly fine. Just say aloud if it is safe to do so or to yourself if it is not, “Okay, well, at least I can breathe” then go on from there. On the other hand, you may find that you are thankful for your eyes, eyelids, feet, or toes, or maybe that you still have a sense of humor despite the situation. Begin by finding at least one thing to be thankful for and move on from there.

Now that you recognize the benefits of living in gratitude, you have the fourth tool in your energetic survival tool kit. When you begin your essential energetic survival four-week start-up journal, you will start by acknowledging, at a minimum, one positive thing in your life a day, for a week, and end the journey by practicing gratitude in the form of list-making, at a minimum of four things a day that you are grateful for.

At the end of the four weeks, living in gratitude will be second nature to you and at your disposal whenever and wherever you need it.

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