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What is Home and Space Clearing?

Home and space clearing involves clearing all unwanted, negative energies from the area, guiding spirits out of the space and onto the other side, bringing positive energy into space, and affirming space’s intent and purpose.

Photo Credit: Tanya Trofymchuk

When May Home and Space Clearing be Necessary?

Sometimes when people leave a home or space, their negative energy remains. New people to this space can feel this leftover negative energy.

Negative energy in a home or other space may result from some pain, suffering, or other negative emotion-producing event or events that took place there. In some cases, when a person dies, their spirit doesn’t crossover, and they may believe they are ‘stuck’ here. In these instances, the home or space needs to be cleared.

Regardless of how the negative energy came to be in a home or space, clearing these and other ‘stuck’ energies can relieve the current occupants of negative mental, physical or spiritual symptoms resulting from sharing space with the negative energy. These symptoms can manifest themselves in various ways that negatively affect the sufferer’s mind, body, and spirit.

Photo Credit: Yann Allegre

How to Know When a Home or Space Needs to be Cleared

Your intuition will often be the first thing that lets you know space needs to be cleared. You will know it and feel it. If you find yourself constantly moving furniture or redecorating but still can’t seem to get the space to feel ‘right,’ or if you move into a new home and it just doesn’t feel ‘right,’ or you begin to have symptoms associated with being near negative energies, or if there is some transition going on in the space, or a negative event happens in the space, or you feel like you want a new start in the space it may benefit from a clearing. Some people also like to have their home cleared just before bringing a new baby home and when they are selling the house or space.


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